Rune Rede – by Ruarik Grimnisson

When I was in London this year which is very rare nowadays, I did my round in
the bookshops and I bought a rune book which I had no seen before Rune Rede by
Ruarik Grimnisson. This book is bloody good!

Clear written instructions for working with the runes. Now as I live in Spain I
don’t get always the latest Runebooks, but that aside, I can honestly tell you
that for me this is the best book on runes divination and magic I have come
across this year.

Well worth getting, it’s not a book one reads once it’s a marvellous reference
works, also it somehow whilst reading it immediately ‘log’s you in with the runic
streams of consciousness and so you start getting immediately new ideas this is
what I call a ‘trigger book’, and no I don’t know the bloke who wrote it I don’t
what he thinks of my own writings, I am not doing anyone a favour other than the
folk which has to be kept informed of the best books. I will at regular
intervals do more book reviews.
– Freya