Northern Wisdom

By Eogan Odinsson


“This is another wonderful production by Eoghan Odinsson. In Northern Wisdom he has interpreted and updated The Havamal for the twenty first century without compromising the integrity of the original material.

Eoghan sets an example of the work needed in this new aeon: Upgrading the Mysteries and giving the gods more bandwidth!
I greatly appreciate the discussion on the often referred to phrase in The Havamal – “common sense”. Here it is explained in terms of ‘natural’ inborn intelligence. This is in contrast with the current meaning of the phrase as ‘acceptable conventional’ values, often derived from other peoples opinions.
I have always lived as much as possible in accord with The Havamal. This is a most usefull book to adapt ones modern worldview to the traditional values expressed in The Havamal. The illustrations of the runes accompanying the rune poems are very useful.
I recommend this for use as a daily meditation manual. Read one stanza both traditional and modern, then try to envision current aspects of you daily life which correspond to this verse. Try to interpret the world and it’s happenings around you in terms of The Havamal. Perceive beyond linear time the eternal values of this Odin inspired Work.”

 Reviewed by Freya Aswynn

Read more of Eoghan Odinsson’s Modernized Havamal in his new book.

Explore the Havamal – “Tao” of the Vikings

The Orient has long shared its ancient wisdom, and so now do the Northmen.

Northern Wisdom presents ancient Viking parables and knowledge in a delightfully accessible modern format.

Combining Teachings on par with Buddha, Sun-Tzu, Myamoto Musashi, Nicollo Machiavelli & Lao Tzu, The Havamal sheds light on forgotten lore of the dark ages.

In the days of the shield-wall, there yet lived poets, scribes and philosophers.

In Northern Wisdom you will:
  • Journey through the Mundane and the Mystical passages of the Havamal
  • Discover the famed Hospitality of the Northmen
  • Learn Maxims for respectable conduct
  • Develop the Leadership traits of Heroes
  • Explore tips for safe travel in Dark Ages Europe
  • Uncover lessons for the bravest Warriors
  • Share in the secrets of Odin’s Love Quests
  • Tap into the power of Viking Magic

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Use Code: DLMW384R

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