Author: Freya

Questionnaire for Rune Readings

Questionnaire for Rune Reading. Name: E-mail Address: Phone: Birth Place & Time: Age : Gender: Photo optional Main Subject of the Reading:                   Other Persons:     Other information. ————————————– Shopping Cart ————————————– The following readings are available. Triple Norn Reading $25 First Aett Reading $ 35 First Aett Reading is mostly used for readings pertaining to the word. Finance, heath, work, communications etc Second Aett Reading $35 Second Aett Reading is mostly subjective, it is used to enquire into the Self and the subconscious, hidden knowledge. Third Aett Reading. $35 Third Aett Reading is a combination of both objective and subjective fields of enquiry. Often family matters, home life relationships. 5 Fold Sun Wheel Reading $30 This Reading looks at a matter from 5 different perspectives and is often used to advice when faced with choices. Yggdrasil Reading $ 75 Yggdrasil Reading is a broad based reading delving into the various soul aspects as portrayed by the Nine Worlds. 12 House or 12 month Reading $60 This is the ideal birthday reading, it will give information which influences, probabilities, will be accessible during the next 12 Months. This Reading can also done against the back ground Astrological...

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Shopping Cart   Tales of Teutonic magic have thrilled the world for centuries. Now bringing together the dark stuff of sagas, Kveldulf Gundarsson reveals the personal magical path behind the legends and explains the practical techniques of the Northern tradition. Gundarsson is a well known expert on the esoteric lore of the Teutonic people. This, his first book Teutonic Magic, brings a lifetime’s worth of expertise to the subject. Blending historical lore with practical experience of esoteric skills, Gundarsson presents the reader with a spiritual path walked by the ancient and dark age Germans. He explains the magical writings of the Teutons, including the uses of each of the runestaves, the laws of magic in the Northern tradition, he provides the key to unleash the awesome might of the Northern magical tradition. This is not a dry academic book. Gundarsson’s writing flows like the sagas themselves, covering subjects such as Norse deities and rituals. It describes the structure of the spiritual realms in which the Norse magician would walk. It is no wonder that this book is considered the classic text book of anyone who would study runes or the Northern tradition.     Kveldulf is the definitive source for all things Teutonic. Edred Thorsson may have the edge when it comes to runes, but for absolutely everything else (and even the runes) buy this book! (and it’s partner...

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Odinic Mysteries of Evolution

The Odinic Mysteries of Evolution An overview of the historical development, a evaluation of the present and an exploration of a probable future. This is entirely my interpretation, realisations and speculation. Modern Odinism is much more than a Viking Age religion it’s roots stretch back into the Germanic UR Zeit. Lets look at Odin as we known him today courtesy of Snorri Sturluson. Lets first examine his origins. Odin or more properly Wotan started out as a minor demon named Wode. He was first perceived as Death, the fury of the North wind reaping the souls of the dead by their last breath. Some one human named a until then an unknown force and gave it an identity and somehow a contract was established by naming that what was un named before a mutual beneficent relationship emerged, as people grew in understanding so did the god in making, from a virtual subconscious natural force Wode to Wuotan the fully realised God, with a will of his own! And still a god of Death although with many more aspects heities, personas and a large clan of kinfolk. The dark hidden force of Death is still a prominent mystery, in the occult sense. Somehow The Lord of Death became also the father of All: Allfather, ¬†Are we looking at a process, an evolution of both gods and men a mutual co...

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