Greetings and Wassail

This site is dedicated to the Runes and the Master of Runes; Odin /Woden/Wodan I prefer the latter as this is His name in holland where I come from. This site is meant to be educational and informative about the Runes and their workings.

There are many improvements and new features that I hope you will find both interesting and valuable. The content of this site has been transferred to WordPress. I am and remain very grateful for Hugh B Long (aka Eoghan Odinsson) all the help with my site but as my site was the most labour intensive one, we decided that’s it’s time I stand on my own cyberfeet.


I am now learning to be my own web master so any problems with the site contact me using the form below.


I added some nice new content and will be continuing to do so.

I will still offer Rune Readings: Rune Readings

And the correspondence course is also up and running: Course