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The following readings are available.

Triple Norn Reading $25

First Aett Reading $ 35

First Aett Reading is mostly used for readings pertaining to the word.
Finance, heath, work, communications etc
Second Aett Reading $35

Second Aett Reading is mostly subjective, it is used to enquire into the Self and the subconscious, hidden knowledge.
Third Aett Reading. $35
Third Aett Reading is a combination of both objective and subjective fields of enquiry. Often family matters, home life relationships.
5 Fold Sun Wheel Reading $30
This Reading looks at a matter from 5 different perspectives and is often used to advice when faced with choices.

Yggdrasil Reading $ 75
Yggdrasil Reading is a broad based reading delving into the various soul aspects as portrayed by the Nine Worlds.

12 House or 12 month Reading $60
This is the ideal birthday reading, it will give information which influences, probabilities, will be accessible during the next 12 Months.

This Reading can also done against the back ground Astrological Houses,