Black Sun
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Swartze Sonne

Black Sun
The Occult Power within All That Is
Peter Wilberg 2004

This essay forges an inner link between the ‘The New Gnosis’ articulated in the SETH books of Jane Roberts (in particular the notion of ‘mental enclosures’ and ‘consciousness units’ presented in The Early Sessions Vol. 3 and The Unknown Reality Vol. 1) and the most ancient symbol of traditional Occultism and ‘Occult Science’ – ‘The Black Sun’.

“Blindness is the world’s true essence, and not knowledge prompts its movements, but merely a headlong impulse, a blind impetus of unique weight and violence, which procures itself just so much light and knowledge as will suffice to still the pressing need experienced at the moment”
Richard Wagner
Before considering the nature of any ‘occult’ powers, let alone any ultimate ‘Occult Power within All That Is’ we must first of all ask ourselves what ‘power’ itself essentially is. More than that, we must come to inwardly know power directly. Knowledge is a source of power. But there is outer knowledge and inner knowledge – gnosis. Similarly, there is outer power and inner power. Outer knowledge is knowledge about things and about other beings. Outer power is power over things and over other beings. Outer power is a poor substitute for inner power. In this sense it is not power that corrupts but impotence – lack of inner power. Similarly, it is not knowledge that corrupts but ignorance. Inner knowing is itself power in the purest sense, potent because it is a knowing awareness of a hidden or ‘occult’ realm – the dark realm of pure potentiality that is the very essence of ‘potency’ or ‘power’ as potentia and the creative source of all actual things and beings. Inner power is the power to create that derives from this source, released through inner knowing or gnosis. Those who fear ‘occult’ knowledge and ‘occult’ power do so because they fear inner knowledge and inner power. Those who seek occult knowledge and power however, are often all-too-easily seduced into satisfaction with mere symbols of such knowledge and power. As a result they invest their own inner knowing and project their own inner power into such symbols – whether a nation and its wise leader, or a religion and its wise prophet or saviour.
“I gave them [the German people] what they put into me.”
Adolf Hitler
Those who have amassed outer knowledge or outer power over others – religious or political – easily serve as symbols of inner knowledge and inner power for those that seek it. They invite the investment or projection of inner power or inner knowledge into them, and then translate them into outer power – power over others – and outer knowledge. The latter can just as easily take the form of distorted outward expressions of direct inner knowing as of superficial knowledge ‘about’.
Throughout the ages both outer knowledge and outer power have been abused. Women and nature have suffered this abuse most. Nature and woman both have ways of rebelling. Women have the right to rebel – to reject the power exercised over them by men. They may be tempted to do so by exercising a counter-power over men. In this way they fall into the historic trap of man-kind, the identification of inner power with ‘power over’. Womankind has become completely misled by the idea that their subjection is a result of living in a world ruled by powerful men, or by the ‘knowledge’ they claim. It is not. The subjection of women comes about through living in a world in which there are no longer any truly great men, any truly powerful or wise men – men with true inner power and inner knowledge. A world in which here are no true ‘men of power’ and ‘men of knowledge’ (Castaneda) and neither are there true ‘women of power’ and ‘women of knowledge.’
It was not always so and will not remain so. The earliest men and women did not tremble in fear before the power of nature, and then create gods to protect themselves against it. Nor did they invent forms of knowledge to ‘control’ the power of nature – in other words to exert power over it. Instead they fully identified with the power of nature, creative and destructive. In this way they were able to feel the power of their own inner nature. ‘Happiness is the feeling of power’ (Nietzsche). To the extent that they were able to identify with the power of nature, and feel it as their own, they were indeed truly happy, as well as truly powerful and wise – knowing the power of nature from within.
Only later did religions arise whose gods stood as symbols of a power that could be exerted over nature and human beings. It was such religions that gave rise to those modes of knowledge that we identify today with ‘science’ – a type of knowledge whose seemingly self-evident and technological power over nature and over human beings does not require one grain of true inner knowledge or inner power to exercise. It requires not one grain of inner knowledge or inner power to design and wield the most sophisticated technological weapon.
The only types of knowledge capable of being ‘abused’ are outer knowledge and power, not the still-hidden inner knowledge and power that is the essence of hidden or ‘occult’ power’. The rise of technological science and its powers has in no way diminished the cruellest exercise of power over nature and other human beings – violence. Instead it has made it easier – as the touch of a button sufficed to wipe out millions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Violence in whatever form, whether at an impersonal and technologically contrived distance or through the closest, most intimate and personal forms of direct bodily violation, is not an expression of anything but mere outer technological power or brute physical force. Neither men nor women however, should be misled by the myth that the violations perpetrated by men upon women – now and across the centuries – are an expression of ‘dominance’ or ‘strength’. Rather the opposite – they are expressions of weakness and cowardly fear in the face of woman. Rape, for example, is not an assertion of power but an expression of impotence – disguised by a power over women exerted by force.
Yet violence, however forceful, is not even an expression of strength but rather an act of weak surrender to emotional ignorance or impotent rage. That is why, despite all the humiliations wrought by human beings on one another through the knowing exercise of power over them, we should not confuse such humiliating submission with humility – with humble submission to the power of our inner being and other beings. The man or woman ‘of power’ and the man or woman ‘of knowledge’ is the man or woman most capable of humble submission to their own inner knowing and inner power, most capable of a knowing submission to an inner power that is not their private property and therefore is not capable of being deployed over or against others.
But surely it will be argued, there is no form of knowledge, power – or even knowledge of power – that is not capable of being abused. Cannot teachers and therapists for example, abuse their knowledge to exercise power? Do not even ‘spiritual’ teachers or healers often abuse their ‘spiritual powers’? And is it not precisely those who take the deepest interest in ‘The Occult’ who are most commonly driven by desire to ‘possess’ and deploy dark ‘occult powers’ whether for good or evil? Does not the very term ‘occult’ hint at dark powers, cultivated for dark purposes or deployed as ‘black magic’?
Such questions – however seemingly well-founded in countless personal experiences and countless accounts of historic personages such as Crowley and other occultists – nevertheless ignore the fundamental distinction between power over and power of, between outer and inner power – and between the use of occult symbols of power and the hidden or ‘occult’ essence of power as such. The occult essence of ‘power’ is the essence of all occult powers and the key to the Occult Power within All That Is. That essence is a knowing awareness of potentiality. It demands not ‘control’ but humble submission to embody this knowing awareness, to emanate it as spiritual strength, and to express it though creative and healing powers.
It was precisely the confusion between power of and power over, between inner power and its outer symbols, between submission to the power within us all, and submission to a single personified symbol of that power – Adolf Hitler – that led to Nazi ‘occultism’. Nazi symbolism exploited a natural tendency to identify the essence of the individual self – the pure power to be – with the pure essence and power of race and nation, symbolised by state and leader. The tendency is ‘natural’ because races religions, nations and cultures are indeed an expression of power in a highly condensed form – a power that takes the form of root values that are an inexhaustible source of creative potentials. But the root values of a race or religion, nation or continent, are not its private property. They do not stand in contradiction to the root values of other races or religions, cultures or continents. Their purity is not a purity of blood or soil. Nor does their fulfilment require an outer, imperial expansion of a people’s land or Lebensraum, but rather an inner expansion of each individual’s soul. The individual is not one cog within the collective soul of the people or Volk, biologically destined to embody its root values alone. Instead each individual bears within them – biologically as well as spiritually – root values stemming from many different peoples.
Those who experience and affirm the reality and power of these root values are easily led into nationalism and racism. Those who most vehemently oppose nationalism and racism on the other hand, may do so partly because they are no longer capable of tapping into the immense creative power of root values they have inherited – root values which we all inherit – both biologically and spiritually, through our reincarnational as through our cultural inheritance.
Globalisation and ‘McValues’ are the death of all root values. Extremist nationalism, racism and religious fanaticism are their resurgence. ‘Post-modernism’ is their cultural and philosophical denial. Simplistic Marxists see all cultural values as camouflage for the exercise of ‘power over’ by the ruling classes of the day. Psychotherapy avoids all mention of the very word ‘power’ – and all but completely ignores the social-economic, military-political and medical-psychiatric abuse of power over as a source of individual psychic distress. ‘New Age’ philosophy deprives ‘old-fashioned’ occultism of its central value – power – and offers subtle healing ‘energies’ in place of true empowerment. The New Gnosis is also a New Occultism – one which affirms, as Nietzsche did, the ‘will to power’ and the ‘feeling of power’ as central value and source of happiness, and affirms also the reality of root values, spiritual and biological. For these are immense banks of human potentials – powers into which each individual can tap and from which each can draw. The basic ethical principle of The New Gnosis is not to ignore but to know power, not to hide but to take pride in power. This does not mean arrogantly exercising power over others. It means taking pride in the power of one’s own being and other beings, in order to feel and fulfil the power of those root values that feed them.
Love also brings happiness through a feeling of power, a happiness that stems from an intimate feeling awareness of the beauty of another person’s inner potentials – the power that is the source of their being. As this intimate feeling awareness or knowledge of another, love is itself the very unity of knowledge and power, and cannot be separated from either. Both Nietzsche’s philosophy of the ‘will to power’ and Crowley’s famous ‘Law’ of ‘Love under Will’ fail to fully grasp the inner relation of love, will and power. The ‘power’ of love is not only its intensity as a feeling but the power of gnosis – of direct feeling awareness or cognition as such. Love is a way of knowing others that allows the inner potentials of the beloved to be directly beheld, to shine forth in all their beauty and thus be drawn into full embodiment and expression. Love awakens the will to be of the beloved, to actualise their inner potentials. The will to be is essentially a will to power, for what it wills is the embodiment and expression of power as inner potential. The ‘Law’ should therefore not read ‘Love under Will’, but ‘Will under Love’ – will shaped by the unity of power and knowledge. For the ‘will’ can just as much take the form of will to power over as love for the power of.
Power over others may be used to abuse, exploit or get something from them – whether money, sex, love or more power over. But failure to distinguish the inner power of another person from their power over one makes all power something to be mistrusted and all submission to power something to be rejected as weakness and fiercely fought. To mistrust the inner power of a person makes no more sense than to mistrust and refuse to submit to the inner power of a piece of music – thereby depriving oneself of the sheer pleasure of feeling its power within oneself. To use defensive strength to fight submission to the power of another person – a person who wants nothing from one and exerts no power over one to gain it – prevents one from feeling their power as a power within oneself. Yet so many are those who have been exploited by enforced submission to power exerted over them, that power itself has become a dirty word. Worse still, they cannot but interpret and experience even the inner power of others as a power over them – and therefore as something to be distrusted and most definitely not submitted to. This was the basic dilemma confronting the true men and women of power described in the books of Carlos Castaneda. How could they bring their apprentices to experience the power within themselves, if the apprentices distrusted and refused to submit to the felt power of their teachers? This was also the dilemma for their apprentices – how could they defend themselves against submission to a power that wanted absolutely nothing from them but only wanted something for them? The teachers’ solution to this dilemma was simple. They would have to show their own power to their apprentices in full – knowing full well that those apprentices would interpret this ‘show’ as an attempt to gain power over them and force them into humiliating submission; knowing that they would meet with all the strength those apprentices could muster in defence; knowing that in this way the apprentices would be indirectly summoning power within themselves, and knowing also that the strength of their apprentice’s defences would eventually crumble by virtue of experiencing both their teachers’ power and their own as ‘The Power Within’ – a power to be simply felt and enjoyed, not used to either force or defend against submission.
Nietzsche knew power as something to be felt and enjoyed, but did not clearly distinguish power of from power over. As a result he felt contempt for all forms of submission, seeing them as a sign of contemptible weakness. The result was that he found himself frequently and involuntarily overpowered by feelings of weakness himself, having to suffer and submit to regular attacks of migraine. This also explains his relationship to the music of Richard Wagner, which he found almost too powerful to bear and therefore mistrusted – not least when the theme of Wagner’s operas took what appeared to be a Christian turn (Christianity being for Nietzsche an accursed religion of meek submission abused by the priests who preached it). “Ah this old magician, how much he imposed upon us!” “The actor Wagner is a tyrant; his pathos topples every taste, every resistance. Who equals the persuasive power of those gestures?” Nietzsche
Wagner’s epic Ring Cycle begins when the dwarf Alberich rejects love in order to gain unlimited power over the world by forging a Ring of Power from the Rhinegold. The rejection of love is the only possible way of seizing this gold from the Rhine Maidens who had teased and taunted Alberich’s love. Once Alberich has seized the gold (the philosopher’s stone) he forges it into a ring and a magical helmet (the Tarnhelm) that allows all who don it to shift shape at will and cross great distances in an instant. When the god Wotan is himself allured by the wealth of the gold and power of the ring – stealing them from Alberich in order to pay for a great hall of the gods (Valhalla), the embittered dwarf curses the ring with a spell – ensuring that it will henceforth bring about the death and downfall of all who wear it. Only the Earth goddess Erda, embodiment of primordial wisdom, and Loge – the luciferic fire spirit upon whom Wotan has relied – recognise the full pathos of what will befall both gods and mortals if the Ring is not returned to its source in the Rhine. This is ultimately achieved not by the naïve and fearless hero Siegfried, nor by his loveless rival, the son of Alberich but by Siegfried’s lover Brünnhilde. She is a female warrior, a ‘death angel’ or Valkyrie born of Erda’s violation by Wotan.
In the symbolism of Wagner’s Ring Cycle, rejection of love in favour of power over, and the enforced submission of female gods and mortals combine to bring about a loss of inner power and knowledge. In the end Wotan regains the wisdom lost to Erda only by willingly submitting to the fate imposed by the power of the Ring. He does so by encouraging Brunnhilde to follow her own loving instincts for both Siegfried and himself – knowing full well that this will eventually bring about the downfall or ‘Twilight’ of the gods, but knowing at the same time that only this will save mankind and redeem the world. The epic ends with Brünnhilde flinging the ring back into the Rhine – whose luciferic flames then rise to engulf Valhalla and cause its collapse. The gods – hitherto embodiments of inner power and knowledge – fall prey to the allure of outer symbols of that power and knowledge (gold, heroic victory in war, and the grand fortress of Valhalla that is home to dead heroes). Thus bringing about their own downfall, they now await their return – no longer as gods but as human beings – loving men and women of inner power and inner knowledge.

Supreme, yet
Monstrous power of
Creation and destruction.
Agonised birth pang of All That Is.
Memory of a probable universe gone mad.
Most unbearable pressure and compression.
The unconstrained pain of self-contraction
Impelling us to the bliss of self-expansion.
Explosive life against implosive death,
And the fire that freezes us between.
Who among us can stand this all?
No matter how tall we stand.
No release in life or death.
Only in breath.
Worst twilight woe.
When all wonder is undone.
And the world stands on the brink.
When we no longer know ‘who’ to be,
Who we have or might wish to become,
When there is no straight line from A to B
Only then can we body WHAT we are,
Rounding the circle of our being.
Becoming our own Black Sun.
Noble Ring of The One.

‘Occult’ means hidden. The term ‘occult powers’ refers not only to hidden powers, but to the essential power of the hidden or occult as such. The hidden is the hidden inwardness of all things. The inwardness is hidden because, whilst real, it is nothing ‘actual’. It is the power of pure potentiality that is the hidden source of all things actual. Potential realities exist only in awareness. The hidden is the dark power of aware, inward potentiality that is the source of all possible actualities – all that can come to light in our awareness.

“There are possibilities in all inwardness that seek to establish conditions that will make it possible for them to come into existence. They, the possibilities inherent in inwardness, collect magnetically, so to speak, about other like possibilities, setting up coherent fields of like attractions … In your world, they began with the psychic possibility of a world of physical matter, born in consciousness. They formed atoms and molecules, after first spreading out a positive field. There was also therefore from the beginning here a negative field, and as they weaved in and out of this psychic beginning meshwork, they formed both the world of matter and the world of negative matter … When sufficient atoms were formed from inward energy, then more various combinations became possible, and with this an accelerated consciousness could be made apparent.” Seth
The root meaning of ‘matter’ is mater or ‘mother’. The root meaning of ‘energy’ (Greek: energeia) is ‘actualisation’ (energein). Nothing can actualise or materialise itself from energy that does not have its source in the ‘maternal’ womb of potentiality that is the aware inwardness of all ‘matter’. Light, all forms of electro-magnetic energy, and all material phenomena that appear before us in the light of our consciousness shine forth from and at the same time conceal the ‘dark light’, ‘dark energy’ and or ‘dark matter’ that dwell within this womb. ‘Dark light’ is a light that radiates inwardly, towards its unbounded inwardness. Dark energy is “inward energy” (Seth). That inward energy is not simply another form of energy – it is the aware inwardness of all energy. For awareness itself is the very inwardness of energy, just as matter is its outwardness.
The word ‘physical’ has its root in the Greek phuein – ‘to emerge’. All physical matter emerges (phuein) from patterns of pre-physical energy that take shape in the womb of potentiality, giving form to those limitless potential patterns of awareness that lie latent within this womb. But a “positive field” of physical matter has as its necessary counterpart a “negative field” – not so-called ‘anti-matter’ but the still un-materialised inwardness of physical matter.
“There is always an excess of this inwardness, struggling to express itself in an outward form. For this reason, a study of the outwardness will never result in a true comprehension of the inwardness. There will always be that inside which is still unexpressed.” Negative matter, as that “inside which is still unexpressed” has its source in the same womb of potentiality from which the “positive field” of physical matter is constantly being born.
A womb, like a planet or sun has a bounded outer surface or circumference. Every aware being or consciousness, without exception, is such a womb – a bounded “mental enclosure” or “consciousness unit” – with an unbounded and inexhaustible inwardness of aware potentiality. Matter is the outwardness of such units. “The outwardness is formed through the inwardness and not the other way round.” All material units, whether atoms, molecule or cell have their own aware inwardness and it is a mental enclosure that forms a consciousness unit. The unit “would seem to limit the extension of consciousness, but it does not.”
“The consciousness of atoms and molecules can be likened to the subconscious as you now know it … The subconscious is a radiation outward from the mental enclosure hat can be considered as a nucleus. The consciousness is the further reach, the outer radius of the primary field. Emanations from this field continue, travelling further, projecting energy that is transformed as you know into matter; and in a simplified version of the universe perceived in terms of such force fields, you would have seemingly endless atoms and molecules spinning about the nucleus, or an endless variety of such patterns that would appear on first appraisal random to an observer from another field.”
The apparent randomness or ‘chaos’ associated with darkness and ‘dark forces’, and the association of this primordial darkness or chaos with evil and destruction conceals its true nature as the primordial womb of creation – a fullness or  of countless potential patterns of consciousness, energy and matter. The circumscribed central core around which consciousness radiates as light energy or electro-magnetism and forms itself into the energetic patterns of matter – this core or nucleus has from time immemorial been represented by the symbol of the Black Sun.
Just as a black hole is a type of ‘black sun’ formed through a massive gravitational condensation and densification of matter that no light can escape from, so also is a mental enclosure a massive gravitational compression, condensation and densification of awareness which Seth calls “capsule comprehension”. The condensed awareness is a “comprehending” awareness – a form of direct knowing or gnosis. At the same time it is an awareness of compressed potentiality and therefore of pure power – for it is a massive source of potential energy. Condensed awareness or capsule comprehension “is distributed therefore throughout energy and within it.” Inward energy is not only the innate inwardness of energy but its innately individualised character.
“There is no un-individualised energy. There is no energy that is not to some extent aware of itself”. Yet “There is always an excess of this inwardness, struggling to express itself in an outward form.” That is why the Black Sun is the most potent symbol of the inexhaustible inwardness of the inner self, seeking to express in outward form its innermost potentialities of being. A symbol of our most fully bounded and bodied potentiality to be. A symbol at the same time of that ‘God’ that is no being but is the essence of be-ing itself – the pure striving to be. Seth
“Before any universe as you know it … existed, there was first a striving. In ultimate terms, there is and never was a beginning … there was what you may all refer to as a beginning, when strife and striving and a wish to be formed itself and gathered itself sufficiently to form a contracted whole in which all possibilities were latent.” Seth
The ‘fire’ of that primordial striving to be and the condensed power of that contracted whole is something we can each feel as a dark power within every atom and cell of our physical body and within the larger ‘tissue capsule’ of awareness that surrounds it. The layers of our own subconscious reach ever further down towards its black nucleus or core. Immediately beneath our personal subconscious with its subconscious needs, desires and fears lies a region of ‘sub-personalities’ expressing latent and unborn potentialities of being. These latent personalities may be buried by subconscious fears or cause volcanic emotional eruptions and spread emotional debris when they surface. Beneath them lie memories of our life between lives. It is only through this layer that we gain access not only to past-life memories but to yet deeper layers of the subconscious.
“At the bottom, so to speak, will be found a layer of the subconscious dealing with racial heritage, concerning the dim first materialisation of man; and beneath this a heritage dealing with a comprehension of reality as concerned in physical reality before the physical evolution of man, following backward to that first inner self within its mental enclosure…” Seth
This archaeology of the psyche, with its different subconscious layers, is matched by an archaeology of historic and pre-historic religious symbols dating back beyond ancient Babylon (‘gateway of the gods’) of which the Black Sun is perhaps the most primordial and the most powerful, being the symbol of a “god-concept” that resonates with our most powerfully bounded, embodied and ‘encapsulated’ sense of self – a sense of self that, paradoxically, is free and independent of all symbols.
The individual identified with and permeated by the power of the Black Sun does not emanate ‘spiritual light’ but spiritual strength – the strength of embodied spiritual power. The experience of the Black Sun is an experience of one’s own body as a whole as all soul – as a compact self-contained mass of condensed awareness. The awareness is a knowing awareness of contained and compressed potentiality that one feels as the embodied spiritual power of one’s own being. The knowing awareness is also a source of inner knowing or gnosis – the Black Sun being also a gateway into multiple inner planes of reality, a ‘wormhole’ of the sort reflected in modern scientific speculations around ‘black holes’.
The Black Sun symbol itself has also been called the ‘Sun Wheel’, of which the Indian swastika, Celtic Cross and German Knights Cross were three of many variations.
Both Black Sun and Sun Wheel or swastika re-emerged as theosophical symbols in the many secret societies and esoteric groupings that proliferated in pre-Nazi Germany. Through a variety of cosmological and spiritual-scientific interpretations of the Black Sun and its power, attempts were made to develop new technologies designed to draw on and make use of that power, notably by Viktor Schauberger. Schauberger drew his scientific insights into nature through subjective identification with the ‘inwardness’ of natural elements – water in particular – and from them developed theories and technologies based on ‘implosive’ power and those vortically centripetal forces associated with the Black Sun. Today such “unofficial” sciences and technologies are dismissed as pseudo-sciences or crank technologies. And yet as Seth points out:
“A loving technology … would always add to the qualitative and spiritual deepening of experience. The inner order of existence and true science go together. The true scientist is not afraid of identifying with the reality he chooses to study. He knows that only then can he dare to begin to understand its nature. There are many unofficial scientists, true ones in that regard, unknown in this age. Many are quite ordinary people in exterior terms, with other professions [Schauberger was a forester]. Yet it is no accident that greater discoveries are often made by ‘amateurs’ – those who are relatively free from official dogmas, released from the pressure to get ahead in a given field – those whose creativity flows freely and naturally in those areas of their natural interest.”
The history of the Black Sun and Black Wheel symbol points back to ancient civilisations, recognised and unrecognised, which possessed a science and technologies quite different from our own. Hence its connection also with ‘mythical’ civilisations such as Atlantis and Mu.
“There have indeed been civilisations upon your planet that understood as well as you, and without your kind of technology, the workings of the planets, the positioning of stars – people who foresaw ‘later’ global changes. They used a mental physics. There were men before you who journeyed to the moon, and who brought back data quite as ‘scientific’ and pertinent. There were those who understood the ‘origin’ of your solar system far better than you. Some of these civilisations did not need spaceships. Instead, highly trained men combining the abilities of dream-art scientist and mental physicist cooperated in journeys … through space. There are ancient maps drawn from a 200-mile-or-more vantage point – these meticulously completed on return from such journeys. There were sketches of atoms and molecules, also drawn after trained men and women learned the art of identifying with such phenomena. There are significances hidden in the archives of many archaeological stores that are not recognised by you because you have not made the proper connections – and in some cases have not advanced sufficiently to understand the information.” Seth
An example of this is the Trojan ‘sun disks’ represented below, all of which show the sun has having a black core at its centre.
As for modern science, astrophysicists at Stanford University have reported the detection of a black hole 10 billion times the mass of our sun, and so distant that it must have had its origin at the same time as our physical cosmos – or even played a role in originating that cosmos. But already in 1901, Helena Blavatsky, the founder of  he Theosophical Society, spoke of the entire space-time cosmos having an invisible central ‘sun’ which Kabbalistic theosophers had spoken of as ‘black light’.
Today’s scientists arrogantly assume they can come to ‘know’ what our Sun or any sun is simply from external observation and measurements of the heat and energy it radiates. It is of course taken for granted that the Sun and stars radiate light outwardly – an assumption that was nevertheless questioned by both Schauberger and the spiritual-scientist Rudolf Steiner. According to Steiner the Sun sucks in light from cosmic space. Darkness itself is no mere absence of outwardly radiating light, but its inward radiation from a cosmic circumference towards a centre – a ‘Black Sun’. Schauberger’s view was that the Sun was an icy cold, dark body that only appears to radiate light and heat through the penetration of invisible fertilising ray’s to Earth’s core. In his record of a journey to Tibet that began in 1885, Baird T. Spalding recalls being told by Buddhist Masters that the Sun does not radiate light and heat but only has the potentiality to draw light and heat from the Earth – which are then reflected back or retained in its atmosphere. And in a translation of the Naacal Tablets which James Churchward discovered in his researches into the legends of a lost Pacific continent of Mu it is written that:
“The light was contained in the atmosphere [of Earth]. And the shafts of the Sun met the shafts of light in the atmosphere and gave birth to light. Then there was light upon the face of the Earth. The heat was also contained in the atmosphere. And the shafts of the Sun met the shafts of heat in the atmosphere and gave it life. Then there was heat to warm the face of the Earth.”
Behind what appears, from the point of view of official science to be nothing but nonsensical and outlandish pseudo-scientific speculations there lies a common dynamic principle or model – one which also finds expression in Seth’s account of the workings of basic ‘mental enclosures’ or ‘consciousness units’. These draw in ‘inward energy’ – the light of awareness – and then convert it into incipient patterns from which matter is then formed. The patterns first take on material form through pre-physical units of energy which he compares to miniature black-white holes. As well as drawing in “psychical energy” however, each consciousness unit functions itself as a black-white hole, not only converting in-drawn psychical energy into and projecting it outwards as physical energy and matter (white hole) but providing a wormhole or ‘black hole’ type gateway to other realities, physical and non-physical. However these inner gateways can be entered and these other realities explored only by so completely closing or sealing the mental enclosure that it no longer draws in psychical energy for transformation into the energy and matter that make up this reality. The more or less complete sealing of the mental enclosure is, according to Seth what effective mediums, clairvoyants and “true scientists” do in order to go into altered states of consciousness and alternate planes or dimensions of awareness.
From this point of view the mental enclosure is also a psychical device – “a beneficial device within which the inner self momentarily and temporarily gathers, holds and collects as much psychic energy about it as it is capable of receiving, utilising and also withstanding. The mental enclosure in most cases is self-limiting, since it represents a setting up of boundaries … But it is limiting only for the ultimate purpose of intense concentration of energy, resulting in a burst or expansion of this energy that has been transformed and pressurised so to speak, into new patterns.”
There is a constant and unavoidable rhythm of centrifugal expansion and centripetal contraction of awareness around and within each mental enclosure, contraction leading to expansion and vice versa. That is why attempts to explore inner reality through meditational methods which cultivate either a field-like expansion of consciousness or its sustained focal concentration both ultimately result in their opposites.
Following Seth’s description of the subconscious as “a radiation outward from the mental enclosure that can be considered as a nucleus” we can represent the mental Black Sun as the nucleus or core of a Sun symbol or solar circle – this nucleus being also what Jane Roberts called the “nuclear self”, and the grey and white areas around it being the subconscious (grey) and conscious (white) light of awareness respectively.
“A mental enclosure cannot be seen or touched, yet no
man is ever within a mental enclosure but that he is alone.”
The capacity to use the mental enclosure as a psychical device – to seal and enter the hidden ‘nucleus’, ‘core’ or ‘inner circle’ of the self requires the capacity to withstand a sense of basic existential aloneness. And yet it is precisely through our most inwardly concealed and enclosed self that we can make the deepest inner contact with the concealed ‘core self’ of other beings, with the hidden but aware inwardness of all things, and with the unbounded expanse of inner reality as such, with its multiple planes or ‘spheres’ of awareness. The Black Sun appears as the pupil of an eye, being both the “pupil in the eye of God”, and the inner self or ‘I’ of the individual. When our outer gaze is turned inwards towards the Black Sun, our inner gaze can be turned outwards and peer out through the pupil of that Sun.
“Behind your thoughts and feelings my brother, there stands a mighty ruler, an unknown sage – whose name is Self. In your body he dwells. He is your body.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Feeling our own bodily self or ‘I’ as the Black Sun we can allow it to reveal itself in our very eyes, emanating its dark light through the blackness of our pupils and at the same time drawing the gaze-light of the other into what this blackness really leads – not simply the interior of our eyeballs but that innermost sphere of awareness in which we find ourselves most essentially alone. Paradoxically however, that sphere is also the medium through which we can experience the most intimate inner connectedness with the hidden inner self of other beings and the hidden inwardness of all things. A gateway to that ‘unknown’ or ‘hidden’ reality that is called ‘The Occult’.
The diagram is two-dimensional. Seth calls upon us to conceive “inner vitality” as a cosmic sphere, “ …but a sphere of more dimensions than you can imagine.” The outermost circumference of our own individual sphere of awareness, represented by the perimeter of the Black Sun symbol, is what Seth calls the “tissue capsule”. This is not a consciousness unit or boundary but an energy-field boundary, one that may be perceived by consciousnesses on other planes in the same way we perceive their tissue capsules – as flying solar disks or UFOs.
“No living consciousness exists on any plane without the tissue capsule enclosing it …to some inhabitants of other planes that have access to your plane, all that can be see of you is this capsule … These capsules can be seen by you under certain circumstances and have been called astral bodies … a term which does not meet with my pleasure … ”
The ‘keyhole symbol’ of The New Gnosis is a two-dimensional representation of that gateway which leads ‘through’ the inwardness of our core self or Black Sun and ‘down’ into that realm of inner reality known as The Kingdom in Christian terms – an unbounded realm of psychical time-space that surrounds the entire sphere of physical space-time consciousness embraced by our own “tissue capsule”.
The interiority of the Black Sun is not composed of matter or energy and forms no part of physical space-time. The space enclosed by the Black Sun is an unbounded time-space of awareness, a “spacious present” (Seth) that embraces all possible pasts, presents and futures and that therefore knows no origins in time as we know it. That is what makes it the Occult Origin of All That Is, Was and Will be – and of all that could possibly be. It has excited and continues to excite the mythological imagination of mankind for this reason. For behind all mythological images and symbols lie spiritual facts – facts of a sort revealed only by science in the form of direct inner knowing or gnosis.
Not only ancient mythological images but the modern scientific concept of the ‘black hole’ is a symbol of the Black Sun. A black hole is understood as the result of the infinite gravitational compression of solar matter to a central point or ‘singularity’. Surrounding this singularity however is a spherical enclosure or ‘event horizon’ beyond which no light can escape from the gravitational pull of the singularity – making it invisible or ‘black’. Gravity itself can be understood as the ‘dark’ counterpart to light – a ‘black light’ radiating inwards from a circumference to a centre at infinity. It was the German astronomer Karl Schwarzschild who in 1916 first understood the nature of black holes in terms of Einstein’s theory of general relativity – gravity causing a curvature of light that is equivalent to curvature of space-time itself. The so-called Schwarzschild radius is the radius extending from the singularity at the centre of the black hole to its circumferential event horizon. It is the radius of the gravitational field around the singularity from which light can not escape, but instead circles the event horizon. In terms of general relativity, the curvature of space around the singularity and circulation of light is also a circulation of time. Within the spherical ‘event horizon’ however, the three dimensions of space are transformed into dimensions of time and leaving one single dimension of space – the dimension leading inexorably inwards towards the singularity.
Karl Schwarzschild
German-Jewish mathematician Karl Schwarzschild (1873 – 1916) was the first to prove that ‘black holes’ – singularities from which no light could escape, were a direct consequence of General Relativity. He made his discovery in 1916 while dying of a rare skin disease contracted on the Russian front during World War I. After being invalided home, he died two months later at the age of 42. His name is given to the inner radius of a black hole – the Schwarzschild radius.
From the point of view of occult science however, the accepted astrophysical understanding of black holes conceals a hidden and most basic metaphysical contradiction. For if space-time transforms into time-space within the event horizon of a black hole, how can black holes be said to evolve in time from the gravitational implosion of stars or suns. It is only from an external, spatio-temporal perspective that black holes can be said to evolve from suns. From an internal temporo-spatial perspective – understood from within their ‘event horizon’ – they are timeless gravitational centres or singularities, eternal ‘Black Suns’. The keyhole symbol of The New Gnosis becomes a more accurate representation of the Black Sun if we represent it as a black hole – the mental enclosure being an ‘event horizon’ in physical space-time awareness surrounding a gravitational singularity which leads into the unbounded realm of psychical time-space surrounding the space-time cosmos.
“You shall not find the limits of the psyche, no matter
how far you travel around it, so deep is its logos.”
Logos means ‘word’. The deep psychical inwardness of a mental enclosure is the felt inwardness of both ‘the word’ and of all worldly bodies in space-time. As the philosopher Deleuze recognised, a concept on the other hand is nothing verbal or bodily, but rather comparable to a ‘singularity’ at the centre of a non-extension or ‘intensional’ time-space of awareness.
mental enclosure as outer ‘event horizon’
or core self.
“All outwardness turns ultimately inward, and then again outward in all directions. And each inward action forms a new dimension that must, again, be thrust outward.”
The singularity concentrated at the centre of the Black Sun as ‘black hole’ is a tunnel or ‘wormhole’ through which awareness can travel to re-emerge as an expansive, ‘white hole’, spreading out what Seth called a “positive field” of matter. The rhythmic alternation of outward and inward movements of energy and awareness – between the larger circumference or tissue capsule of any consciousness, its mental enclosure and the ‘singularity’ at its core – all these are also represented by the different swastika symbols of the Black Sun – as are the centrifugal “bursts” or lightning bolts of energy that result from the centripetal compression of awareness within the mental enclosure.
Today not only the swastika as such, but these swastika variants of the Black Sun symbol are banned from use in Germany because of their association with Nazism and use by contemporary neo-Nazis. Its ancient history and spiritual-scientific significance – and their distortion and abuse in Nazi ideology – are ignored. The root meaning of the Sanskrit swastika is simply ‘source of well-being’ (su-asti-ka) a meaning symbolised by the Black Sun itself as the womb of potentiality that is the source of all beings.
The Sanskrit word chakra, used today to refer to an ‘energy centre’ in the human body, actually means ‘wheel’. The swastika in all its variations is an example of the Black Sun understood and represented as a rotating chakra or wheel, comparable to a black hole whose massive gravitational force (‘black light’) brings the entire cosmos into rotation around it and eventually sucks it in, only to recommence a new cycle of cosmic creation. The Black Sun as swastika wheel or chakra represents not only well-being but the dynamic essence of be-ing as such. It is also a symbol of Kali, the supreme black mother goddess who devours time and in this way brings whole temporal epochs and whole cycles of creation and cosmic expansion to an end. An equivalent of the Black Sun in Indian metaphysics is the kalachakra or wheel of time. The root meanings of the syllable kal refer to blackness, time, and limitation. Kāla means ‘time’. Kalā means ‘a part’ – from the root kala – meaning to circumscribe within definite limits. The Black Sun as kalachakra circumscribes the whole of time-space within the primordial womb or sphere of the mother goddess Kali around which time itself circulates or cycles – as it does around the spherical event horizon of a black hole. Kali is herself associated with a wheel or chakra of 12 subordinate goddess-aspects, each of which symbolises both a different phase of the cosmic cycle and a different state of ‘cosmic consciousness’.
Such Black Sun symbols and mandalas are all the more powerful because they can act as ‘resonators’. This means they can serve to evoke ancient and primordial resonances within us – in particular the felt bodily sense of a dormant dark power still borne within us all – “The Occult Power within Us” that is a microcosm of “The Occult Power within All That Is.”
In her writings on ‘Aspect Psychology’ Jane Roberts, author of the Seth books and ‘Adventures in Consciousness’ presents an alternate model of the basic psychic structure underlying both the occult symbolism of the Black Sun and the scientific symbolism of the Black Hole. Here the ‘event horizon’ is the boundary of birth and death which marks the experiential horizon of the incarnate soul. The ‘singularity’ at the centre of this horizon is both the temporal centre – the present moment – and the central or “nuclear self” of the individual. The time-space field around this temporal centre and self however, is understood as a field of possible or ‘probable’ events from which the individual selects in defining the course of his or her life.
Within this field however, other alternate or ‘probable’ events dotted around the centre have their own independent reality, as do the alternate ‘lifelines’ in which these events are selected and experienced by the individual. All these alternative lifelines or ‘probable’ lives intersect in the present moment, the temporal centre of the individual’s birth-death event horizon and its field of possible events.
‘event horizon’
as life horizon
field of alternate or ‘probable’ events and individual lifelines in time-space, converging at a ‘singularity’ – the “nuclear self”
A field of alternate events and lifelines in time-space surrounds the singularity at the centre of each incarnation of the individual’s soul or larger identity. This can be compared to a massive Black Hole whose inner field embracing all multiple incarnations, all of which circle it’s central singularity like planets and are centred in a Black Sun – what Jane Roberts terms the “source self” as opposed to the ‘nuclear self’ of each incarnation.

ring of incarnations
or ‘Nuclear Selves’
Within every cell and molecule of our bodies dwells a miniature Black Sun. It is our own unbounded potential to be, from which our body itself is created. From it we can draw unlimited strength – bodying the innermost power of our being, and feeling the strength that comes from a fully embodied sense of self. ‘Official’ science understands the Sun’s fire, heat and light as the result of continuous nuclear fusion reactions occurring at its core. These scientific ‘facts’ are also scientific metaphors of the Sun’s own hidden nature – the Black Sun that is its occult core. From the point of view of Occult Science, our Sun burns with the life of a hundred thousand consciousnesses or ‘souls’, gathered together as one entity. That is why the Sun is also seen in occult terms as the outward expression of the primordial logos – a word derived from the Greek verb legein – to gather. The mental enclosures around these gathered souls also gather matter around them under terrific pressure, releasing energy through nuclear fusion. The physical Sun itself breathes – expanding and contracting rhythmically, and sending out bursts of electro-magnetic energy. But like moths attracted to a flame, it also draws souls to it – souls that seek their home through its spiritual core – the Black Sun. When winter and night, sleep and death, withdraw the luminous ‘white’ Sun from view, then does The Black Sun return to its true home within us all – just as we return to our true home within it.
‘Contractio ergo sum.’
‘I contract therefore I am.’
And ‘I am contraction, therefore I am.’
Or ‘Contraction is the nature of my existence.’
Or ‘I am self-contraction itself.’ ”
Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Once we know this we are free – like a circle drawn on a piece of paper that suddenly knows that it is everything outside itself as well as everything that it contains and encloses within its circumference. A circle that knows its own circumference not only as the ‘outer’ circumference of all the space within it, but as an inner circumference of all the unbounded space surrounding it. A circle or sphere of awareness that knows its own ‘self’ as one self-circumscription, self-contraction, or self-enclosure of an unbounded field of awareness. A circle or sphere that knows that its own inwardness too, is not something bounded by its outer circumference – but is like a wormhole that links it to the inwardness of every other circle in the space around it. A wormhole that leads into and radiates out of the inwardness of every other circular “enclosure” or “unit” of consciousness. Knowing this in a bodily way – feeling it – means knowing that each of us is a Black Hole and a White Sun – a ‘Black Sun’ shining with the hidden light of countless souls.
Not knowing this leaves us thinking and feeling our awareness as something enclosed – outwardly and inwardly – by our bodily circumference. Mental enclosure is enclosure in body-mind and body-mind, our bodily self-concept and bodily self-experience. Gnosis is not release from ‘bodymind’. It is release from an unknowing self-contraction of bodymind into the vast fields of awareness that can be felt both around and within our bodily circumference. To feel this release is quite simply, to breathe.
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