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Interview Treadwell’s

  25 September 2009 (Friday) Rune Mistress – Freya Aswynn Treadwell’s Meets Freya Aswynn An Interview and Discussion on Odin, the Volvas, and Rune Magic 7.15 for 7.30 start Freya Aswynn is a key figure in the latest...

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Interview for Black Magazine

Interview for Black Magazine. Most of our readers will know your name from your several books, magic(k)al and musical workings. Would you describe in some short words what happened in your life concerning these workings in the...

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Interview for Vor Tru Magazine

Exclusive interview with Freya Aswynn, author of Leaves of Yggdrasil Freya Aswynn, who felt a personal calling to become a priestess of Odin, hails our All-Father. Behind her stands a secular political “deity”...

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