Freya’s Music
Fruits of Yggdrasil
This is the recording I am most proud off still, although it was recorded 20 years ago when I still looked good:-) ah well we all get older.

This is the recording I am most proud off still, although it was recorded 20 years ago when I still looked good:-) ah well we all get older.  This was at the time I was living and running ‘the Enclave’ my London urban community, of all sorts thrown together!  Fruits has been rereleased and the cover of it is the dogs bollock, it’s even better than the first one, the silver embossed Runes on the black background looks excellent. there are also T shirts with this design on it, I am wearing one right now and I was wearing one yesterday when I did a reading which should be on Youtube soon.  The first  track: ‘Havamal’ I took from the Edda and altered it so rather than Odin being the narrator, it’s me, it was and still is an expression of my personal devotion to Odin, listening to it now, I can’t believe it was me! The next track ‘Voluspa’ was also taken from the Edda’s as is ‘Sigdrifumal’. ‘Invocation of the Gods’, ‘North Star’ , Ragnarok and Nithing were written by me. The track ‘Wotan’ I took from: ‘Also sprach Zarathustra’ by Friedrich Nietzsche and tampered with it a bit. The track I called Nietzche also is also taken from ‘Zarasthustra.  I read it about 40 years ago time for a re read, I suppose. I’ve had great fun with this album through the decades since passed.

The actual recording was done  in a studio by just me after I had written or adapted each track I turned up in the studio and after Invoking the Blessing of the Germanic gods I recited the lyrics, then Patrick got on the keyboard and just like that in one foul swoop put the music on, a perfect fit, a meeting of minds, it’s now 21 years later and as an more learned occultist I can now fully appreciate the magic that went on. Incredible, without Patricks music these track would not have been what they are. I’ve been quite naughty as well on occasions I had the track ‘Nithing’ released in Austria sometime earlier in this current decade and had it named ‘knighting’ after a person who plagiarised me and E.T and N.P and as such sent it out into the world as an active curse, well deserved I may add. For this I take full occult responsibility.  However the were gild has been paid by now and the curse should lose it’s power as is stated in the track itself, “This is thine fate, till were gild is paid” I don’t know whether if any effect it had but it liberated me psychologically of the hate and despair of being plagiarised and so I could move on without my creativity being compromised.  When you are ripped off on a soul level as plagiarising does it takes the heart of you work and copies it into an emty vessel,there is only two causes of action left open to you:a)you forgive unconditionally or b)you settle the score, either one is healthy. what is very unhealthy is to pretend to forgive because you haven’t got the power to retaliate and also you don’t want to be known as a woe worker, in that case it remains unresolved and it turns into a ‘worm’ in you soul making you ill. this is the case always when you have harm done by someone and there is no closure. I always force closure! and then I move on.

This current edition comes in a digibox which is very beautiful. Including a photo of me and Patrick and boy do we look good! We even look a bit similar I only just noticed.


Fruits Of Yggdrasil CD Digipack , available from me.