Northern Lore
Northern Lore by Eoghan Odinsson is one of the rare well researched books available on Heathen lore for Heathen folk.

Northern Lore by Eoghan Odinsson – Reviewed by Sweyn Plowright

“Northern Lore” is one of the rare well researched books available on Heathen Lore for Heathen folk.

Such books were almost impossible to find in previous decades, leaving a choice between dry academic tomes, or cobbled-together New-Age fantasies. Since 2000, a small but growing number of authors have made the effort to bring academic sources and honest analysis to bear, and put their findings into a useful form.

The book begins with a history of Northern Europe, our ancestors, and the cultural influences that we came to inherit. It then covers the runes in detail, explaining the Futharks with a straightforward but academically accurate approach.

The middle sections cover a wide variety of traditional lore, including weather, food, and health. There is also an honest discussion of modern practices, such as “rune yoga”, including its history and origins in early 20th Century Germany.

Finally, mythology, ethics, divination, and religious practices are covered in an educated and down to earth manner.

This is one of a handful of books I could recommend to a student or seeker of Northern Lore that does not need an accompanying list of caveats. Well done.

– Sweyn Plowright

(Author of “The Rune Primer” & “True Helm”)