The Runes

Rune Readings

I have been, as you can read in my biography, involved with the runes for more than 25 years. During that time I have written several books on the subject. Before I was intensely involved with the runes and Asatru I already had considerable experience in Magick and was born with natural psychic gifts. I’ve always been able to ‘do readings’ for people.

Some of my readings have transformed lives. A selection of reading types and a personal horoscope package are available.

Originally Astrology was my method, until the runes came along, and with these Odin. Many have had readings from me through the years. If you should wander across this web page and wish to offer an evaluation of a reading no manner from how long ago, please email me for possible inclusion on this web site.

I have found the runes most useful for answering life’s questions: perhaps to illuminate a current situation or dilemma and extrapolate probable future(s) so as to offer more choice and personal empowerment. the runes tend to answer very accuately providen the question posed was well phrased, the runes are more ‘immediate’ as an oracle.

Some of the most common questions I have been asked in the past are about financial concerns, health and well-being, domestic harmony, crop production, happiness, love, marriage, home purchases, job aspects, school progression, travel arrangements, as well as more esoteric and occult matters. So don’t be shy or embarrassed, ask what you will and I will do what I can to answer your questions, and where needed, offer practical/magical/spiritual advice.

In my experience a reading, whatever the results, should be accompanied by empowering advice where needed. Wyrd can be shaped – one does not have to be a hapless victim of circumstance. Readings will often contain information of which you were unaware, issues that are weighing heavily on your mind, and feelings that are known or have perhaps been repressed to your subconscious.

Available Readings