Troth to the Aesir
Written in answer to the various comments through the years that I, Freya Aswynn am not Asatru but Wiccan.

I Am True to the Aesir! My Oath is sealed with blood!

The underneath has been written in answer to the various comments through the years that I, Freya Aswynn am not Asatru but Wiccan. I was Wiccan from 1980 to 1983. I was Rosicrucian from 1972 till 1979. no-one accuses me of being Not Asatru but Rosicrucian. Why???

What is it about ‘Wiccans’ which invoked the red rag in some Americans who adopted a Native European Religion as their own? Traditionally the religion of the Aesir was very tolerant and we still see this expressed in the Nordic countries, but more on a social and cultural level. It’s part of the Northern European Folk Soul. Hence we have a caring welfare state.

And why this hatred towards a ‘sister’ pagan religion? It’s almost like a Southern Baptist raging against Catholics, both being Christian of course. Perhaps they themselves did not divest themselves of the baggage of their earlier religion, something I have been accused of (wiccatru).

In ’83 I dissolved my coven in order to devote full time to my Native gods: the Aesir and by inference the Vanir and other wights of Light. I am therefore Asatru i.e My Troth is to the Aesir; and yes I was ‘professed’ in June 1984,in my turn I professed people as well, Heimguest for one.

Apart from the Gods themselves, the attraction to the Norse system was first and foremost the Runes, and what ever little bits of the Lore was available in either English or Dutch, in the early eighties.

Being true to the Norse/Germanic gods is living according certain values.  Being true to the Aesir does not mean that I can’t respect, cooperate with, or appreciate ‘others’. However I couldn’t ‘worship’ them.

Without exception these comments questioning me being Asatru are all from men across the pond. Usually by people who rant against ‘universalism’, hiding behind internet anonymity of course.

These people often being of ambiguous genetics themselves, need to prove to themselves and their peers how ‘Nordic/Germanic’ they are. They prove that not by showing their worth, but by denying another’s’ worth.

Again I have not found this attitude in native born Northern European .

However they are a dwindling but vocal minority, probably just starting out. Young and wet behind the ears, I wager.

The vast majority of Asa folk across the pond have done incredible work in reconstructing and redefining the religion as well as ensuring the preservation of old crafts and arts, keeping the old ways alive, and publishing their interpretations and lore, putting enormous amount of effort and funds into their studies. and sharing. These are the ones who will be remembered as the first generation Asa folk outside Europe.

Being Asatru is open to every one, the Gods will accept the Troth of a sincere person of whatever genetic or cultural origin. It’s insecure people who will question and dispute this and – guess what? They need this kind of security from their peers, they have to feel part of a crowd, a club. They derive their self-worth from the opinions of other people!

Propping each other up, swilling beer and talking shite!

I am North lander I was born and raised in a traditional tolerant Dutch culture, I also look the part. I don’t depend on others opinion whether I am Asatru or not, this is between me and the Aesir.

Nor would I ever question an other’s Troth to the Aesir, certainly not on the basic of race or any prior spiritual paths walked.

Freya Aswynn